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De Roka serves up success with Inspire Payments

Inspire Payments is happy to be part of the De Roka family!

The Milton Keynes Mediterranean restaurant is one of our latest happy customers, and we caught up with them to get to know their business a little better.

De Roka is a family-owned, independent restaurant that specialises in exquisite, traditional, Mediterranean cuisine.

They believe that “a memorable dining experience is determined not only by the quality and flavour of the food, but also by the people that you meet.”

Hasan, one of the restaurant’s owners, has a long-standing business relationship with members of the Inspire Payments team. With this confidence in Inspire Payments’ extensive expertise, Hasan had no doubt about choosing Inspire Payments for his business.

He said: “I’ve worked with members of the Inspire Payments team in the past, and we had a great relationship that’s built on trust. Inspire has always been very helpful and supportive, and I’m glad to have such a reliable payments partner to work with.”

The restaurant opened two years ago and, even with the uncertainty of the pandemic, already boasts celebrity customers and is a finalist for the 2021 Food Leisure Awards.

Hasan is so satisfied with the service, he plans to switch his other business premises to Inspire Payments in the near future.

“The onboarding process has been so smooth and everything works just as it should.” Hasan added, “we have a couple more sites in Hertfordshire and Northampton, which I am looking to switch to Inspire Payments in the near future.”

To begin your Inspire journey today, contact us on 0113 532 66 55.

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