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Get up and running with our integration guides and documentation for developers; this section covers material for all ecommerce, virtual and pay by link products.

Virtual Terminal Activation Guide

Virtual Terminal Guide

Pay By Link Activation Guide

Pay By Link Guide

Compatible Shopping Carts

Ecommerce Modules

Ecommerce Integration Guide

Ecommerce Integration Guide

XERO Ecommece Integration

Xero Integration Guide

Part of the Verastar Group

Inspire Payments is part of the Verastar Group, which serves more than 160,000 small businesses with essential services like energy, water, telecoms, insurance and payment processing. Established in 1999, Verastar is a trusted name when it comes to looking after small businesses. As an Inspire Payments customer, we can offer great discounts on your business telecom services, water and energy through our sister company kinex – also part of the Verastar Group.

Inspire Payments - part of the Verastar group Our partner Insurance Octopus

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