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January 13, 2023 Inspire Payments

Taking Online and Remote Card Payments Made Easy

Operating a retail business in the current economic climate can come with a wide range of setbacks and challenges. Taking card payments, however, should not be one of them. You need to work with suppliers and partners that can provide you with reliable and robust business payment methods to help you maximise your sales opportunities and earn money 24 hours a day, everyday.

When it comes to starting a new business or taking your existing small company to the next level, it is essential to ensure that card payments are smooth and instantaneous. From the customer’s perspective, they need to be led through a simple, secure process without any setbacks or ‘friction’ when they purchase your products or services.

Whether you take card payments over the phone, via a virtual card terminal or directly through your website, making use of the latest reliable payment solutions is crucial – making every transaction count.

The team here at Inspire Payments work hard to deliver a range of easy and affordable business payment solutions for all types of small businesses across the UK. Whether you’re a restaurant owner, a dog groomer or an independent shop owner, we have the payment solution to speed up your customer experience and your business payments.

We’ll help you to maintain your current customers and attract new ones with the latest in innovation and allowing your customer to pay ‘their way’.

Customer expectations have increased and the demand for online or remote payment options that are reliable and easy to navigate continues to rise.

An online payment system bridges the gap between the customer and the business – and a reliable one allows customers to make card payments via computer, tablet or smartphone. There are three vital strands to the payment process using online systems:

The payment gateway – From the moment your customer checks out their basket and inserts their payment details, all data is securely passed through the gateway to the processor to deal with the deposited funds.

The payment processor – During this stage, the debit card or credit card details are transferred between the acquiring banks, and all information is checked for any errors or faults.

The merchant bank – The final step of the process involves depositing the funds into a merchant bank prior to being deposited into your business bank account.

As a business owner dealing with multiple orders a day, it is imperative to implement a business payment method that maximises the safety of customer details. Once a customer completes a purchase with their card details, they are completely encrypted and processed through the gateway – so sensitive data is always safe.

So, what can your business gain from offering robust online payments?

Customer satisfaction and happy customers

Nearly 70% of consumers abandon their baskets before completing card payments, but this can be reduced by fine-tuning the checkout process. By embracing state of the art software that improves the way your customers shop, you can keep them loyal to your brand and not relocating to a rival outlet.

Faster payments

Put simply, having an online payment option will help you to sell your services and products faster. The easier the process, the more likely your customers will make a purchase. You can set up remote payments quickly and receive them into your business account quickly, too.

Extra security over funds

Online payment packages are essential for all sorts of business types, but, as you’d expect, the retail sector especially. Not only do they benefit both buyers and sellers, but they can also mitigate any risks or scams. Secure payment solutions can add extra seller protection against scams and chargebacks, as well as ensuring that no customer information is accessible or put at risk.

Stay ahead of the game in a highly competitive industry by integrating our online payment system and gateway solutions. Make card processing as straightforward as possible by working with our experts who will provide you with the payment services you need for your business. The team at Inspire Payments can also provide you with a range of countertop, portable and mobile GPS terminals, helping you process quicker payments night and day.

Here at Inspire Payments, we understand the importance of getting the payment process right. It is, after all, the life blood of any small business.  We understand how crucial a secure, reliable and fast payment option has on both your business and your customers.

If you want to boost your payment transaction process and give your customers a reason to feel secure, grab your free quote today!

For more helpful resources on taking card payments, as well as some great tips for your small business, have a read of our other blogs!

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