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New to card payments? We’re here to help

Join thousands of businesses already using our solutions today and learn how we can help support your journey into taking card payments through a variety of technology.

Why choose Inspire Payments?

At Inspire Payments, we provide an ever-expanding range of payment terminals for small and medium-sized enterprises throughout the UK. From restaurants and cafes to fashion shops and more, we have proven to be a reliable, secure resource for businesses looking to upgrade their payment solutions. In fact, 97% of our customers have come to us after switching from their old providers.

Inspire Payments promises to deliver a high level of quality customer service, extensive technical support and an array of products to help your business flourish. We are proud to say that 88% of our new clients save money in their first 30 days with us. It’s time for you to join them.

If you want to make a positive difference in the success of your business and accelerate your income, here is everything you need to know.

Next Day Payments

Our Faster Payment method at Inspire Payments guarantees that you will receive your sales payments the following day. For a penny per batch (a penny per day). A batch refers to the sales per day e.g. Friday sales would be one batch. This service comes with a low monthly fee. Using our terminals, your payment from that day will arrive at the bank at 2 am for it to reach your account by 11 am.

Free Installation

We provide a free installation service. For the installation, should you not wish to set up your card machine on your own, we can assign a regional business manager – totally free of charge – to visit your site and ensure everything is set up and working correctly. What’s more, at a future date, should you need a terminal replacement, we will replace it for you the next working day.

Replacement Guarantee

Sometimes technology fails. There is no getting around it – especially for equipment that gets a lot of use, such as a card machine. The battery may wear out or a customer can knock over a machine. We recognise the impact this can have on your business, which is why we will replace your card machines within 24 hours. We work to ensure your business is able to operate with minimal disruption in the event of a terminal issue.

Additional Security

We take pride in making sure our machines and the businesses we work with are as secure as possible. We know that being compliant and in line with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is not only time-consuming but also a complicated process. It is also an extra expense for your business. That’s why we’ve made it easier for you to get started. We work with our partner companies to sort out all the necessary paperwork for you. It’s just a matter of making one quick phone call.

Customer Satisfaction

With the increase in purchases made by debit and credit cards, the chance of people carrying cash is declining. If businesses limit their payment options to cash only, they risk damaging their revenue by not providing their customers with enough payment options.

Discounted Insurance

With our partner, we can help protect your business from all kinds of unexpected events. Whether you need content insurance or liability insurance, we can provide you with a tailored policy to meet your specific needs.

A Payment solution for whatever you need

Payment Terminal Solutions



A fixed device that sits at your checkout and is connected via either Phone or Ethernet cable to your broadband.



A portable device that gives you the flexibility to take payments whilst moving around your business premises.


Mobile GPRS

A mobile terminal that gives your business the flexibility to take payments on the road or at events, wherever your customers are.

Portable card machines

Having a wireless card machine gives you the freedom to accept card anywhere within your business premises, offering a far superior customer experience and helping your employees.

Portable card machines perform brilliantly in pubs and restaurants that need to take payments from table-to-table. Whether you’re inside at the bar or outside in the beer garden, they can utilise Wi-Fi & 4g, so you’ll always be ready to take payments

Use inside or outside (wireless)
Wi-Fi or 4G
Perfect for pubs, restaurants & food outlets

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Part of the Verastar Group

Inspire Payments is part of the Verastar Group, which serves more than 160,000 small businesses with essential services like energy, water, telecoms, insurance and payment processing. Established in 1999, Verastar is a trusted name when it comes to looking after small businesses. As an Inspire Payments customer, we can offer great discounts on your business telecom services, water and energy through our sister company kinex – also part of the Verastar Group.

Inspire Payments - part of the Verastar group Our partner Insurance Octopus

Getting started

Had a quick think about the card machine you need, now what? Here is everything you need to know to get started with Inspire Payments and transform your business.

Initial Enquiry

If you are interested in our services and would like to know more, the first port of call is to speak to a member of our team by calling us on 0808 175 1372. If phone calls are not for you, send our customer service team an email at telesales@inspirepayments.com. If you would like a face-to-face meeting with one of our regional business managers, this can also be arranged.

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Submit Application

Once the initial conversations have been made and you are happy with the quote given to you, it is time to submit the application. This application will then be reviewed. This is to confirm everything is above board and your business is healthy financially.

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Order Is Placed

Once your application has been approved and everything is good to go, your order will be placed. All our orders are delivered by DPD directly to our customers.

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Setting Up

Once your requested card machines have arrived, you can choose to set them up yourself – we have helpful how-to user guides that talk you through the set-up process – or you can book an appointment with one of our regional business development managers who will travel to your site and install your terminals for you totally free of charge.

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Your Terminals Are Ready

Now you are set up and ready to start processing payments. The additional information you need will be sent to you via email so you have all the knowledge you need in one place ready for when your customer makes their first payment. Once the first payment has been made, we will send across the invoice which will include the account management fee and cost of the terminal rental. The amount will be part of your quote and is something you can discuss with our team in your initial conversation.

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