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Frequently Asked Questions

Once we have received your order, we will begin processing your card machine right away. Your card machine will be delivered to your chosen address within five days. Once it arrives, our technical team will be able to guide you through the set-up process should you have any questions.

The entire process can take up to 7 days from the initial call. This includes speaking with our experts to make sure you choose the correct product to suit you and your business needs. We will make sure you have the correct number of machines. We also have to carry out the necessary checks needed, such as a credit check of your business before delivering your terminals.

At this moment in time, our Ingenico series of terminals are able to accept contactless payments up to £100. They are, connected to broadband. All terminals can also be connected via Bluetooth and have the capabilities to receive all payment options including via a PIN pad, swipe and contactless payments. This allows the customers to choose their preferred payment method.

In short, yes all our card machines are safe and secure as possible. We make sure each business we work with is PCI compliant. PCI is the Payment Card Industry launched by card schemes to reduce theft. Being PCI compliant is part of our merchant agreement. If your business does not meet these standards and become a target, you could be liable to pay fines if customer data is compromised.

Other steps we advise you to take in terms of keeping ensuring you are PCI compliant include:

  • Ensure you have antivirus software in use.
  • Routinely change your passwords and keep those in the know to a minimum and on a need to know basis.
  • Restrict data access to essential personnel only.
  • Restrict physical access to cardholder data.
  • Provide users with a unique ID.

Whenever a customer purchases a product using their Visa or Mastercard, four parties are involved: the customer, the customer’s bank, the retailer, and the retailer’s bank. Both banks perform a series of steps to ensure customers’ payments are processed and transferred securely and reach the retailer promptly.

When the customer’s bank sends their payment to the retailer’s bank (known as the acquiring bank), a small fee is retained. This is called the interchange fee. Visa doesn’t receive any of this fee. If the fee did not exist, banks would find it hard to provide card services, such as fraud prevention, systems maintenance and customer call centres.

Adding Amex to your account is easy. Contacting American Express directly is the best way in which to do this; however, our team at Inspire Payments will be able to help you with this too. You will need to confirm that you have an Amex account via email with your details. Once we have this information, we will forward it to our Acquiring Partner, who will be able to set up your Amex account.

This is something our in-house team can assist you with. Once you’ve gotten in touch with our customer support, we will ask you to confirm your identity by answering some data protection questions. We will then need to confirm the reason behind the bank change. For example, are you changing your legal entity? This will allow us to confirm the best department for you to speak to. If there are no changes to your legal entity, we will email you a form to complete confirming your new details. After we receive this back from you, this will get updated for you. The entire process usually takes 5 business days.

PCI stands for the Payment Card Industry Standards which need to be upheld. Those businesses who are not compliant, are subjected to a £75 charge. In order to become PCI compliant and get rid of this charge, you need to complete your annual PCI compliance questionnaire.

At Inspire Payments, we do offer a service that will allow you to receive next-day payments, excluding payments made during the weekend. This will cost an additional £2.95 a month, plus 30p per batch – so say, for example, if you requested a batch every day for a month, it’ll only cost you £9. 

If this is something you would like to know more about, a member of our team will be able to discuss this with you in more detail. If you are interested, we will send across an email with a document outlining the agreed charges. Once everything is finalised, it will take around 72 hours to activate.

Our 14-day cooling-off period refers to the financial agreement made. If you signed a membership agreement, this is not part of the 14-day cooling-off period. If you would like to cancel within 14 days, please contact a member of our team who would be able to confirm the terms and conditions of your agreement and give you the best possible cancellation option.

Yes, if you choose to switch to us, we’ll pay up to £1000 towards your cancellation fees. Note: This is dependant on your agreement term and volume of turnover.

Yes, all our card machines arrive ready to accept these payment types.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a global security initiative designed to protect your business, your customers and the banks. Created by the major card schemes, PCI DSS is a set of mandatory requirements that apply to all businesses taking credit and debit card payments, regardless of their size or transaction volume.

When a customer makes a card payment face-to-face via a chip and PIN machine, over the phone or online they are entrusting your business with their financial and personal information. Equally, you’re trusting them to be the legitimate cardholder and be exactly who they say they are.

On your bank statement, you will see 2 sets of periodic charges for your card processing services:

Your acquirer charges (Global Payments or Worldpay), which charge for card processing and PCI fees, and are processed monthly.

Your Inspire Payments membership fees, which include your terminal(s) and accessories.

Your invoices are sent by email. If you need additional copies, please get in touch with us and we can have these re-issued.







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