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Quick & easy payments with our countertop card machines

Countertop card machines that take your customer from bill to till. If your looking for a solution that stays fixed in one place, connecting via your broadband, simple, reliable and fast, we have just the solution for you.

Countertop card machine Desk 5000

Your payment device Desk 5000

High speed printing

Pin Shield

Rechargeable battery

Optional charging base

Use via phone and broadband

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What is a countertop card machine and how will your business benefit from it?

It has been predicted that, by 2027, only 16% of transactions will involve cash payments. In this fast-approaching future, the vast majority of paying customers will therefore be relying on digital means to purchase the goods and services they’re after. It’s paramount then, that modern businesses take a forward-thinking approach to their sales by embracing technology that complements the payment preferences of their customers.

That’s where we can help.

Countertop credit card machines are a must-have for shops that take credit or debit card payments at a fixed checkout area or till.

This type of card terminal is most commonly used by retailers, hotels and salons that have a fixed sales point, like a till. They’re extremely reliable and are powered by a wired internet connection, Bluetooth or a phone line, enabling the user to take both card payments and contactless payments.

Adopting a countertop machine will ensure you are well equipped with the tools you need to take payments from customers in a secure and efficient way. Whether you’re considering a fixed countertop machine or a combination of fixed and portable card machines, we’ll assist you in making a well-informed decision.

We’ll handle the set-up and installation
process so you don’t have to

We want our customers to feel 100% comfortable and confident in implementing their new payment solutions.
As a result, we provide all the hands-on assistance needed from initial enquiry to installing your software.

The first conversation

Our payment specialists will take the time to understand your business, how it runs, and its objectives. We’ll ask questions about your current circumstances, the history of your business and any relevant financial information. We’ll also discuss the wide range of payment options available to you to identify the most suitable card machines for your business.

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Background checks

We’ll conduct the necessary background checks and paperwork to ensure that our merchant service deals meet your needs.

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Once all the paperwork has been completed and we feel confident that your chosen terminals will optimise the way your business operates, we will get your equipment sent out to you.

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Receiving your card machine

After your application has been accepted, your card terminal will arrive in around 5 working days.

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Setting it up

All of the terminals we send to customers come with comprehensive set-up guides. These guides are designed to be easy to follow, but if you do have any questions, our specialists are only one call away and are always happy to help. Alternatively, you can arrange for one of our team to come out and help with the installation.

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The first purchase

Congratulations! You’re now ready to go and receive that first payment.

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How can our flexible payment solutions elevate your business?

One of the main challenges faced by small business owners is the diligence of new customers and their vigilance when it comes to purchasing. Because of this, your business should be open to accepting all methods of payment to increase sales and customer loyalty.

One of the biggest advantages of digital payments is that they can’t be stolen as easily as cash. While it is still possible to fall victim to cybercrime, most card machines are equipped with encryption technologies that prevent fraud. Additionally, you will avoid fraudulent payments (including bad cheques and counterfeit banknotes), as well as avoid having to travel from your store location to the bank with large amounts of cash.

We require all companies we work with to be PCI compliant. Security standards for the Payment Card Industry are in place to reduce the cost of card schemes for your customers.

A high-quality payment machine provided by us can help you reduce processing costs whilst speeding up payments and boosting your profits – positioning you in an advantageous position if something unexpected hits your business finances. Moreover, the fact that you’ll be able to accept more payment types will equate to a higher sale rate.

As the number of people purchasing using debit and credit cards increases, the likelihood of them carrying cash decreases. Businesses limiting their payment methods can damage their revenue if they are not accommodating to customers wanting to pay via card.

Naturally, payments being sent to your business accounts is a high priority for all businesses. Our Faster Payments service makes it so you receive funds as quickly as the next working day. By taking advantage of this service, you’ll start to see your cash flow increase.

You’ll begin to notice a difference in productivity and sales as our powerful terminals are incorporated into your checkout system. Make long queues a thing of the past by implementing a range of card machines that get the job done quickly. Not only will the transactional process be sped up, but our card solutions also eliminate the need to waste time counting cash or giving change back to customers.

Get paid wherever you are

Every business is different and we have a range of devices available to ensure you get what you need. Whether you take payments in one place or you need the flexibility to move around the business or even the country then we have a solution for you.

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